Existing Pool Repair


Sierra Nevada Community Aquatics (SNCA) has created a mechanism for accepting donations to repair existing pools in the region. The concept was developed with a cooperative effort of several members of Sierra Nevada Masters and the City of Reno to replace the poorly functioning shower heads at the Northwest Pool.  SNCA became involved to assist in the coordination of repairs between the user groups, the Community Foundation of Western Nevada (who administers the Community Aquatics Fund) and the local municipalities.  The goal of the monies raised will be to make repairs and improvements that improve end user enjoyment of the facilities.


Additional projects have already been suggested and SNCA would like to hear your ideas as well.  Ideas can be sent to chip.hobson@sncaquatics.org


Donations for repairs can be sent directly to:


            Community Foundation of Western Nevada

1885 S. Arlington Ave.  Suite 103

Reno, NV 89509


Make checks payable to “Community Aquatics Fund” and be sure to note “Existing Pool Repairs” and name the intended pool to support in the memo line.



Donations can also be made online at www.nevadafund.org


Scroll to “Select a fund” and click down arrow

Highlight “(SNCA) Sierra Nevada Community Aquatics Fund”

Enter information and be sure to note “Existing Pools Repairs” and pool for which donation is intended in “Notes: Anything we should know?” box

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